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Announcement: Litter Kwitter – Overview

I have visited a lot of houses in my life, and every week I get the chance to visit more. And it does not matter if the home is a lakeside mansion or a decrepit mobile home from the 50’s, there is one thing you can often tell as soon as you enter the home. And that is whether or not they have cats. I’m seriously considering carrying business cards with me that have information on the Litter Kwitter – but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The way you can typically tell if a home has cats is by the smell. Cat urine is potent. That’s not the cat’s fault in any way. It could be they have not been “fixed”, they have a urinary tract infection, there is not enough moisture in their diet, or even a number of other issues, not all of which can be easily addressed. Even a cat who never produced foul odors previously can start to because of a change in diet or physiology.

As cat owners we look to find a reasonable solution. How can we keep our feline friends indoors, and yet keep their natural odor out? For a time people used boxes filled with ash for their cat’s potty. Can you imagine the joy of having soot tracked throughout your home? Another option was sand. But sand is really not great at absorption, and is sand all that much better than soot for being tracked through your living quarters?

Finally, in 1947, a man named Ed Lowe started packaging clay for use in cat boxes. His idea was a big hit, and the label “Kitty Litter” that Ed applied to his bags of clay became a household name. We all owe Ed a great big “Thanks!” for his invention.

Over 60 years later we still use essentially the same product. Sure, companies now add odor control and reduce dust and even make the litter sparkle with pretty colors (lipstick on a pig?). We can’t really blame the kitty litter companies for their lack of innovation – we spend an average of $1,500 a year on each of our cats. And that goes primarily for food and, you guessed it, cat litter.

I don’t know about you, but to me it seems there should be a better way. A realistic solution. Not magic, not hype, not trickery, and certainly not more of the same sometimes smelly, sometimes messy, always too pricey, and never convenient clay we use for our furry companions.

Litter Kwitter – can it be the answer? It’s a funky name, and it seems kind of flashy like so many “As Seen on TV” products are. So let’s take a closer look and not be distracted by any smoke and mirrors.

So first of all, this is not just a product, but a system. If you want zero effort, which I doubt if you are reading this, then stick with kitty litter. This takes a bit of work to get results. Nothing complicated, and the manufacturer provides videos that walk you through each step. A big plus in my book.

The basic idea is that you use a series of rings on a standard toilet. The first ring is essentially like suspending a cat box with litter above the toilet bowl. Your cat already knows what to do with litter, so they jump up and take care of their business. Once they get used to the new procedure, you switch the ring to one that has a hole in the center. Your cat will still know what to do, and again will jump up and take care of business. The thing is they will be getting used to the idea of a water filled bowl beneath them.

The third ring has a much larger center opening. Your cat will – OK, you get the idea. The final step is no rings. By this point your feline friend knows the routine and will relieve themselves IN YOUR TOILET BOWL. Yes, I made that all caps on purpose. Just think about it – no litter box, no kitty litter, no smell, and no mess! On top of that, male or female, your kitty will not leave the toilet seat up.

You’re probably thinking what I was thinking – what an awesome idea! Cats are smart, and clean, and we love them, so let’s find ways where we can cohabitate better. Seriously, for $50 – $60 the Litter Kwitter pays for itself in no time. I’ll be sharing how successful this product is in another post. I’ve also found that the best prices are here, for this product.